Cuando se dió cuenta que su batalla estaba perdida, que el sistema IOTA – II ya no pertenecía a la USS (Sistemas Solares Unidos), decidió escapar con vida activando el Hyper-Pulso sacando su nave del peligro sin advertir que por consecuencia del crudo combate espacial, sus sistemas estaban dañados. Una vez abrió los ojos sólo pudo ver que se encontraba entrando en la atmósfera de un planeta desconocido, había escapado, lo había logrado; pero estaba en un planeta ajeno en un sector no mapeado de la galaxia.

————— English version ( I’ll try to translate it to English. Let me know if i made some mistake.)

When he notice that the battle was lost, that the IOTA_II system wasn’t belong to the USS (United Solar Systems), he decided to escape alive using the Hyper-pulse, flying away from the danger, without realizing that in consequence of the tough combat his systems were damaged. Once he open his eyes, he notices entering in the alien planet atmosphere. He managed to escape, he did it!, but he was lost in a strange planet in a unmapped sector of the galaxy.


3 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. Hey man, I saw your work on a post on imgur (apparently by a friend of yours)–pretty cool stuff. I’m American; I speak a little bit of Spanish (puedo entender mas de lo que has escribido, pero no se unas palabras) and could help with the translation if you wanted. I’d translate the Prologue as follows:

    Once he saw that the battle was lost, that the IOTA-II system no longer belonged to the USS (United Solar Systems), he decided to escape with his life using the Hyper-Pulse, flying away from danger yet failing to realize the damage his systems had suffered from the intense space combat. Once he opened his eyes, he found himself entering the atmosphere of an unknown planet. He had done it, yes, he had escaped–but he was on a strange planet in an unmapped sector of the galaxy.

    That’s a sort of crude translation that’s fairly loyal to the spanish. If you want help with the others, I’d be happy to assist! Otherwise, carry on, this is really cool!

    • Hi thank you for your help! i was trying to translate some, the prologue, and the two first posts. So I understand that I can use your translation of the prologue? and if you want to help, you’re welcome! 🙂

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